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Soheil updated 2 years ago
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ABB is a leader in power and automation technology. ABB's technology can help power, utilities and industrial customers improve performance while reducing environmental impact. The ABB Group has operations in more than 100 countries around the world, with 130,000 employees... (More)
A bimetallic thermometer consists of a bimetallic strip, which is constructed by bonding together with two thin strips of two different meta s, such that, they cannot move relative to each other. Bimetallic strips can be arranged in various forms... (More)
Car back folding table features super functional atmosphere light, electroplating ring, the function of 5V 3A fast charging and wireless charging, electroplating cup holder, tablet stand, etc. The industrial-grade hinge shaft has experienced 15,000 opening and closing experiments. The one-hand... (More)